Custom Mantel Builder

Welcome to the Foster custom mantel builder. This app, brought to you by Foster in partnership with the Home Depot, enables you to design a custom mantel to your exact specifications. To get started, follow the steps outline below to create your own custom mantel, you can track your progress on the sidebar and at any time go back and change your selections. When you have finished, print out your custom quote certificate and take it to your local Home Depot to place your order.


Step 1: Select the type of mantel:

Your first decision is to choose the type of mantel you would like. The full mantel completely surrounds your fireplace, while the cap mantel can be used above your fireplace, or as a shelf without a fireplace.

Step 2: Select the style of your mantel:

There are a variety of unique styles to choose from - browse the styles below and select the one that you like best. Click on a style to see a larger image.

Step 3: Select a finish:

The finish that you select will give your mantel a distictive look to match your home d├ęcor.

A. Select the grade of wood to use based on your preference for paint or stain:

B. Decide if you want a factory finish applied or if you would like to finish it yourself:
C. Choose the type of wood:
D. Choose a color:

Optional. Select additional accessories:

  • :

Step 4: Provide measurements:

Referring to the diagram below, enter measurements (to the nearest 1/8"). Take each measurement in several places and supply the largest reading. Measure both sides of the fireplace. If your stonework differs greatly from the diagram below, please e-mail a picture at Enter the actual stone dimensions only and we will calculate mantel dimensions to fit. Provide all the required information to insure a proper fit.

dimension diagram
A Stone width
B Stone depth
C Stone height above hearth
D Additional hearth width
E Hearth height
F Nearest obstruction
G Firebox opening - width

Does stone run:  Floor to ceiling Halfway up

If you would like the mantel to overlap the fireplace stonework, then specify the number of inches that the legs will overlap the sides of the stone, and the number of inches that the cap skirt will overlap the top of the stone. Specifying zero for both will result in the mantel starting where the stonework ends. We will alert you if there is not enough clearance between the hearth opening and the mantel to meet fire codes.

Overlap sides of stonework inches

Overlap top of stonework inches

Specify the size of the cap. You may order a cap mantel by its bottom dimensions (A & B in the diagram below), or by the overall top width and depth. If you plan to place the cap over a fireplace, then the A & B dimensions will be the width and depth of your stonework.

Choose which dimensions to provide:

Bottom dimensions
Top dimensions

Bottom Width (A)
Bottom Depth (B)
Top Width
Top Depth

Step 5: Review results:

Congratulations! You have completed your custom mantel specification. Please review the specifications and price provided on the right and the dimension drawing shown below. If you are ready to have your custom mantel built, then click the "Get Certificate" button, print out the certificate, and take it to your local Home Depot to place your order.

Fire Code Warning: Legs must be at least 12" away from Fireplace opening.
Fire Code Warning: Top must be at least 12" away from Fireplace opening.
Obstruction Warning: Fireplace is too close to the nearest obstruction. Based on the measurements that you provided and the calculated overhang of the shelf, the shelf may not fit. Please check your measurements and the nature of the nearest obstruction to ensure that the shelf will fit before proceeding.
(Drawing is not to scale)
Error: The measurements that you provided have resulted in an invalid dimension. Please note the negative dimension above and return to the dimension step to update your entries.
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Note: This freight charge will not be reflected in the quote amount, but will be added to your total when you place your order at Home Depot